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Star Citizen tops $39 million, adds $41 million goal


Chris Roberts' upcoming space epic Star Citizen has surpassed yet another crowdfunding milestone, by attracting over $39 million to the game's development to date.

As with previous funding milestones, topping $39 million adds a new feature to the game. Specifically, a star system known as UDS-2943-01-22. "The object, once thought to be a single massive star, is actually a trinary star consisting of two white dwarfs and an active pulsar orbiting one another," reads the developer's official description. "Because of the complex gravitic factors at work, it is now believed that a jump point leading to the system likely exists in or near explored human space. Beyond the bizarre stellar makeup, the composition of the system is all but unknown."

With $39 million out of the way, Star Citizen fans can now set their sights on the next stretch goal. If Star Citizen attracts over $40 million in funding, developer Cloud Imperium Games will add an additional two star systems to the game. Beyond that, the development team has also added a new stretch goal at $41 million that will fund a team of developers to create procedural generation technology for "future iterations of Star Citizen."
[Image: Cloud Imperium Games]

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