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The Stream Team: Grand finale edition, February 24 - March 2, 2014

MJ Guthrie

Like two-hour movie specials that end a favorite series or the final fireworks on the Fourth of July, wouldn't it be neat if everything in life had a grand finale? You know, something really special to wrap everything up neatly before you have to move on? Granted, grand finales are by their very nature bittersweet; their whole reason for being is the end of something which you may not have wanted to end. But you can't stop it, so why not make the best of it? Done with work for the day? Join a jubilee! Is the weekend over? Celebration central! Finished with my homework? Party time... oh wait, that already happens enough (with or without the "finished" part!). And The Stream Team is right here with live shows and reruns on Massively TV to help you get the gala going.

4:00 p.m. EST: Villagers and Heroes -- Beau
Beau and members of the Mad Otter team will be on hand to show off some of the new test features and the new client (with better graphics). If you like sandbox gameplay, crafting, and combat, check it out.

7:00 p.m. EST: EVE Online -- Mike
Mike swings by EVE Online for another cannonball run and a visit to the deepest darkest depths of space.

3:00 p.m. EST: Final Fantasy XIV -- Jasmine
Jasmine heads into The Sunken Temple of Qarn, a dangerous, trap-filled dungeon complete with killer bees and lasers!

9:00 p.m. EST: EverQuest II -- MJ
There are plenty more solo dungeons in Tears of Veeshan for MJ to explore. And who knows, she may even beat one soon!

3:00 p.m. EST: EverQuest -- MJ
Thanks popular vote, CMA Live wraps up with a dive into the housing of EQ. Don't worry; MJ can probably still find a way to die. If that's too safe, she might end with some fun adventures in a high-level area just for kicks!

7:00 p.m. EST: Guild Wars 2 -- Mike
Join Mike on the Blackgate server for a quick visit to the demolished Lion's Arch followed by some mid-level questing. Can his Guardian make it to 30?

9:00 p.m. EST: Star Wars: The Old Republic -- Larry
Like any group that games together for any extended period of time, our Raid Night team needs a bit of a mix-up to keep the game time fun. The team is still taking on the biggest baddies in The Old Republic, but the question is which one will it be this week?

3:00 p.m. EST: Final Fantasy XIV -- Jasmine
Crafting, gathering, leveling, oh my! Jasmine steps out of her healing role and picks up her crafting tools today as she gathers materials, crafts quest items, and collects sweet, sweet experience.

8:00 p.m. EST: The Secret World -- MJ
It's the final phase of the Whispering Tide, so come watch MJ as she heals a raid of comrades fighting Flappy to the death! (Spoiler: The bird's, not hers.)

10:00 a.m. EST: Guild Wars 2 -- Richie
Richie has been streaming for Massively for over two years, but all good things must come to an end. For his last stream, he's going back to Tyria and invites viewers to level their alts with him in Guild Wars 2.

2:00 p.m. EST: The Elder Scrolls Online -- Larry
The NDA has dropped! Our Elder Scrolls Online columnist Larry Everett can explore the world of Tamriel unhinged. Join him as the servers go live and have your questions ready.

7:00 p.m. EST: EverQuest Next Landmark -- MJ
MJ has put some time into her underground maze and she'd like to show it off, assuming she doesn't get sidetracked by all the other awesome creations out there. of course!

Go create your own grand finale for the week!

If you count this as the end of your week, have your grande finale here (or just celebrate again for the sake of celebrating)!

With reruns, nothing is ever final... especially those amusing antics that may or may not have gotten Stream team members and/or party members killed. With these reruns, you can always go back and watch those moments over and over and over again!

With our minds on grand finales, its hard not to turn our thoughts to recent (and not-so-recent) game closures. Losing one of our MMO worlds is never an easy thing, but at least players can often send it off with a bang! Personally, my most poignant final memory is when a small crew of us close Star Wars Galaxies friends (who happened to remain friends outside of and beyond the game) gathered together in one of our ships and we timed jumping to lightspeed to coincide with the servers shutting down. How about you -- what are your grand finale memories? Please share them below.

Watching the Massively Stream Team play video games is the next best thing to playing them yourself! Join us every Monday morning for MJ's guide to this week's livestream schedule, classic stream reruns from last week, and all the best outtakes and ephemera.

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