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Wayward Souls, The Spookening headline PAX East Indie Showcase


The PAX East Indie Showcase stars six mobile games from independent studios around the world:
  • Crowman & Wolfboy, Wither Studios LLC: US
  • Duet, Kumobius: Australia
  • Framed, Loveshack: Australia
  • The Spookening, Modesty: Sweden
  • Tiny Dice Dungeon, Springloaded: Singapore
  • Wayward Souls, Rocketcat Games: US
The Indie Showcase at PAX East is a mobile-specific sampling of games, rather than the yearly lineup of higher-profile, mainly console and PC indie games in the PAX 10 at PAX Prime. This distinction is on purpose, Penny Arcade co-founder Jerry Holkins wrote in a blog post.

"It may not be apparent outside of my own mind, but the PEIS has a specific mission to promote games on mobile," he said. "PAX10 is more broad. But mobile is an especially scary place to make games right now, and I think there's good to be done thereby. Unlike a lot of games at a show like this, a lot of times you can just grab your phone out of your pocket and buy something you like right there. As magic tricks go, that's a pretty good one."
[Image: Rocketcat Games]

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