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CSTM uses augmented reality to help you create the perfect custom furniture

Emily Price

If you've ever tried to find a bookcase of your own, you'll know that finding the perfect set of shelves for all your stuff can pose quite the challenge. One new startup, CSTM, is looking to change that, putting furniture customization in the hands of anyone with an iPad. The startup launched today during a tech conference in San Francisco, and is currently on the hunt for its first 1000 customers to try the app out.

With CSTM, you point your iPad at the wall where your bookcase will go to measure everything up, and then drag and drop template shelves into the perfect array to fit your vinyl collection and oddly-sized camera equipment. Once your done, a printout from your PC can be used to create an augmented-reality version of the bookcase. After making any needed adjustments, you can then order your creation and have it shipped to your home. Based on the demo we saw, the whole process from start to finish can be done in just a few minutes -- that's faster than it took us to build our soon-to-be-extinct Expedit unit.

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