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Flipp lets you skip the Sunday newspaper by delivering local circulars to your iOS device


If you enjoy browsing through sales flyers, but don't like buying a Sunday newspaper, then you should download Flipp from Wishabi. Flipp aggregates sales flyers from over 300 retailers and uses your location information to deliver local circulars right to your iPhone or iPad.

Flipp displays sales flyers for nearby stores, in a scrollable, magazine-style list. This list view displays a thumbnail of the flyer as well as the start and end dates of the sale. When you tap on a flyer, you can scroll through it page-by-page. You also can favorite a flyer and add it to a running list of your favorite stores.


When viewing items in a flyer, you can tap on an item to view details like price, description, reviews and more. A clipping feature lets you save the item to the "Clippings" section of the app. You also can share items via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email and messaging.


Flipp has a search function that allows you to search by store, brand or item. The app searches all the flyers in your list of nearby stores and displays items based on your search terms. Search does a good job at finding items with your keywords, but there is no way of limiting the item on the search results page. I would love to have a price filter or store filter that would allow me to pare down my search results to the price and stores I want to shop.

Flipp is available for free from the iOS App Store as a universal app. It requires iOS 7.

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