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Pictures leak of the Motorola-made Google smartwatch that might have been


You may not have to wait until later this year to see a smartwatch from Google or Motorola -- in fact, you may be looking at a jointly developed watch right now. Android Police claims to have photos of Motorola-built prototype wristwear from 2013, nicknamed Gem, that was intended as an official Google device. The gadget runs Android and includes both dedicated controls for fitness and voice commands. It also mentions a "3 Bit mode" that may have been meant to save battery life by reducing the on-screen color palette. Unfortunately, it's not clear whether we'll ever see a finished version of Gem as we know it. The watch would likely need changes before it shipped, and Lenovo's acquisition of Motorola's phone business casts doubts on the whole project. If you're only looking for a possible peek at Google's early watch strategy, though, you'll get your fill at the source link.

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