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Do you really want a thinner iPhone?


The iPhone has always been relatively thin; The thickest any iPhone has ever gotten was the 12.3 mm heft of the iPhone 3G/3Gs. The iPhone 5 is of course much thinner than that, measuring just 7.6 mm in depth.

Apple has kind of made it their "thing" to produce new versions of its mobile devices that are somehow leaner than ever before -- the iPad Air, for instance, is now a puny 7.4 mm. But what's next? Will the inevitable iPhone 6 (or Air or whatever they call it) shave even more away? Do we want that?

It seems like every new iPhone 6 concept that hits the web shows a device that is more scrawny than ever. Take a look.

iphone 6 concept

[Concept by iPhoneSoft]

iphone 6 concept

[Concept by Ciccarese Design]

iphone 6 concept

[Concept by Arthur Reis]

There's no denying that these mockups are appealing, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with my phone getting much more delicate than it already is. We'd like to hear your thoughts, so vote in the poll and feel free to sound off in the comments, and let us know just how thin you're willing to go.


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