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Guild Wars 2 NPC inspires player with multiple sclerosis


A disabled non-player character in Guild Wars 2 has made a profound impact on a real-life player who shares similar traits.

Player Christina put a post on the GW2 forums stating that she has multiple sclerosis and was "overjoyed" when she found a fictional game counterpart in a young Asura named Taimi. "The friend I was playing with pointed her out, and I think I shrieked loud enough to wake the dead," she enthused.

Taimi has a degenerative disease that prevents her from walking far and requires her to use a golem to help her get around. She was introduced in a recent living story update and hangs out at the Vigil Keep.

At least for Christina, Taimi has inspired her through the NPC's character and place in the story: "I don't know where you're going with Taimi. But honestly I don't care. Because now, in Tyria, I can imagine having a giant golem cart me around when I can't feel my legs or when they hurt too badly to walk. Now when I get derisive or pitying looks, I can take a minute to imagine I'm sitting on a golem's shoulder like a complete kitten. So thank you for thinking of people like me. Thank you for thinking about how someone with a disability might get along in your world. And thank you for making her awesome."

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