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Joystiq Streams Special: Diablo 3 and Loot 2.0 madness [UPDATE: Relive the stream!]

Today's the day, Diablo 3. This particular Wednesday is when you blossom into the game that so very many people wanted you to be when you came out back in 2012. Today, you get Loot 2.0. Maybe claiming that Loot 2.0 is the day that Diablo 3 comes of age is an exaggeration, but the massive update Blizzard delivered to its famous dungeon crawling game today is certainly the most significant update yet. From here on out, "Smart Drop" will make it far easier for players to get their mitts on armor, weapons, and other rare loot specific to their character type, negating the need for the game's divisive auction houses in the process.

To check out Loot 2.0, Alexander Sliwinski (@Sliwinski) and Richard Mitchell (@TheRichardM) dive into its infernal guts to check out the changes. This crew reflects a variety of different experience levels. Richard has yet to play the PC version of the game. Alexander, meanwhile, has never played Diablo 3 at all.

It's all happening on the Joystiq Twitch channel at 4PM EST. Come and hang out with us.
[Images: Blizzard]

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