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Super Motherload drops on Steam Early Access, PSN versions on sale


You can excavate with PC mates now, because an Early Access version of Super Motherload is available on Steam. XGen Studio's follow-up to Flash game Motherload combines local co-op with treacherous mobilized quarrying, and on PC that includes controller support for four simultaneous players.

Super Motherload pits you (geddit?) as you an employee of a galactic mining corp, and your job is to dig as far into Mars' procedurally generated depths as you can. Sounds like a day at the beach, but in addition to precious resources beneath the Red Planet's surface, there are puzzles, dangers, and dark secrets waiting to be unearthed.

To celebrate the news, XGen has the Steam release going at 10 percent off until March 4; the regular price is $15 in North America, and £12/14 euros in Europe. Meanwhile, PSN discounts for North America dig even deeper into the cross-buy PS4 and PS3 versions: $7.50 until March 3, or $3.75 for PS Plus subscribers.
[Image: XGen Studios]

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