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Co-op choose-your-own-adventure game The Yawhg hits Steam


The Yawhg tells a randomized story every time you (and your friends) sit down to play, a story that begins with the evil Yawhg coming to ransack your town and ends in more than 50 different ways for each character. It's a choose-your-own-adventure game steeped in humor, magic and horrible things, from indie team Emily Carroll and Damian Sommer. The game supports up to four players locally and has full controller support on Steam.

The Yawhg made it through Greenlight and launched today on Steam for PC, for $8 with a 20 percent off sale. The discount ends on March 6.

Carroll and Sommer launched the game last year independently, and it's still available to purchase through their site. Carroll, a comic artist, ended up working with Sommer, a game developer, during the TIFF Nexus Comics vs. Games showcase. Apparently it was a match made in dark fantasy heaven.

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