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Even Apple's iPhone 5c advertising is ugly


Earlier this week I highlighted a number of possible theories explaining why the iPhone 5c hasn't sold as briskly as Apple may have initially hoped.

One such explanation is that the phone's colors just didn't jibe with consumers. While this point is obviously debatable and subject to personal preference, you'll have a harder time arguing that Apple's iPhone 5c advertising is anything but ugly.

While I think Apple's iPhone 5c Greetings commercial was top notch, the same can't be said for some of the iPhone 5c billboards I've seen floating around Chicago, and in other cities too I would imagine.

I just spotted this one yesterday on a Chicago 'L' platform.

iphone 5c billboard

Does anyone honestly think this looks good? Black and yellow? Pink and yellow? Was Wiz Khalifa the artistic designer here?

And here's another questionable shot spotted in London.

iphone 5c london tube

And one more for the trifecta.

blue iphone 5c pink background

You can check out some more questionable iPhone 5c color pairings over at the dailybillboardblog.

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