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Ghoulish MOBA Dead Island: Epidemic enters beta testing


Publisher Deep Silver has begun beta testing the free-to-play Dead Island: Epidemic, and it needs your help putting the zombies through their shambling paces.

As its name would suggest, Dead Island: Epidemic is a spin-off of Deep Silver's Dead Island franchise. Instead of a first-person action game, Epidemic drops players into a multiplayer online battle arena (think: League of Legends) populated by the same walking corpses that make up the supporting cast of the core Dead Island series. Cooperative teamwork is key to surviving the undying hordes, but when your teammates fail you, you can also rely on over-the-top DIY weaponry, another hallmark of the Dead Island games.

Gaining access to the closed beta is as simple as visiting the game's website and filling out a quick registration form. Those who participate in the beta test will be able to earn "exclusive in-game items and rewards" that will carry over into the eventual retail incarnation of Dead Island: Epidemic.
[Image: Deep Silver]

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