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Joystiq Streams: Running into walls in Thief on PS4 [UPDATE: It's over!]

The Thief series was legendary to console-only players at the beginning of the century. Looking Glass Studios' sneaky adventures were, like Half-Life and Deus Ex, harbingers of a complex and subtle gaming world that was only available on PCs. Thief's mystique has endured in the decade since the series went silent, and even now its blend of Victorian adventure and fear is seductive from the outside. That's why Joystiq Streams is diving into Thief on PlayStation 4 totally blind.

Having never played before and with only limited knowledge of what's supposed to be happening, Anthony John Agnello will tackle Thief just as he did Don't Starve and Outlast on PS4. That is to say, fearfully and with extreme hubris. Alexander Sliwinski will be hanging in the chat, feeding your advice, well wishes, and mockery to Anthony as he goes.

It's all happening at 4PM EST on the Joystiq Twitch channel. Come and join in the sneakery.
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