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Lego Movie producer tapped for 'potential' Minecraft movie


Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson has revealed that a movie based on the wildly popular sandbox creation game may be headed to theaters at some point in the future.

Someone is trying leak the fact that we're working with Warner Brothers on a potential Minecraft Movie," Persson tweeted. "I wanted to be the leak!"

According to a Deadline report, Warner Bros. recently acquired the rights to make a Minecraft film from developer Mojang, and has tapped The Lego Movie producer Roy Lee to oversee the project.

Beyond Persson's lone tweet and Deadline's mention of a producer, no information on this Minecraft movie exists, though we can be reasonably sure that it won't be a documentary on the game. Thanks to 2 Player Productions, we've already got one of those.
[Image: Mojang]

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