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Prepare to buy: Dark Souls 2 Collector's Edition detailed in new trailer


Bandai Namco takes the wraps off its Dark Souls 2 Collector's Edition in the new trailer above, giving players a closer look at the $120 package's featured bonus material prior to its release next month.

The Collector's Edition includes the Black Armor Edition of Dark Souls 2, which bundles the game disc with a soundtrack CD featuring music from composer Motoi Sakuraba. The package also includes an art book, a cloth map, and a 12-inch PVC warrior knight figurine, which seems large and solid enough to bludgeon someone with. Note: product is not recommended for bludgeoning purposes.

The Dark Souls 2 Collector's Edition is currently sold out at Amazon, but is still available in limited quantities at NewEgg and other retailers accepting pre-orders. Dark Souls 2 launches for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 11. A release date for the PC version has not been announced.

[Image: Bandai Namco]

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