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Report: Razer unveils cloud save support for PC games


Gaming peripheral maker Razer has added a new feature to its GameBooster software suite that allows users to store their PC game saves in the cloud, according to IGN.

While still in beta, Razer's Save Game Manager supports "over 2,000 existing PC titles," while also allowing players to manually add other games to the cloud storage queue. Currently, saves are stored to a user's Dropbox folder, though Razer hopes to expand the service to include other cloud-based storage solutions in the near future. In addition, Save Game Manager can upload PC settings to the cloud for easy access in the future.

Those interested in putting Save Game Manager through its paces can download the GameBooster software suite, free of charge, from Razer's website. Keep in mind, this is beta software, so if something goes wrong and you lose a save, you'll have no recourse. As with all important data, multiple backups are your only safe bet.
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