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Save your Age of Wushu valuables in new Item Locker

MJ Guthrie

Worried more about the cutpurses than the cutthroats in Age of Wushu? Then Snail Games has something to put your mind at ease: the Item Locker. Players now have a way to secure a certain number of valuables on their person so that they can't be lost or stolen during the course of gameplay. This Item Locker, accessible via the backpack, holds up to five items for free for non-Jianghu VIP players and 15 for the VIPs. Additional slots can also be purchased for 10 silver taels each. Items protected within the locker can still be equipped and used, but they cannot be traded, deleted, sold, or disassembled until the two-day cooldown timer expires.

[Source: Snail Games press release]

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