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Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 trailer is ready to take 'em [update: PSN, PC next week]


Update 2: Telltale sends us word that Windows PC/Mac is also confirmed for March 4, in addition to PS3 in North America. Dates for the PS3 in Europe, Xbox 360, iOS "will be confirmed shortly."

Update: Sony says Episode 2 hits PSN for PS3 in North America next week on March 4. No confirmation yet, but we expect that means a same-day release on Xbox 360 and PC. Also, Sony notes the Vita version of Season 2 is "tracking" for the end of March, and will launch with the first two episodes.

Clementine's misadventures of death, betrayal, heartbreak, and more death continue in the second episode of The Walking Dead Season 2. If you've been hanging onto that cliff since December, you've not got much longer to wait, as "A House Divided" is set to open its doors in early March.
[Image: Telltale Games]

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