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App lets you attach digital messages to real-world objects... for fun?


For those who don't know, Project Tango is a Google-built prototype smartphone jam packed with Kinect-like 3D sensors and components. One of Mountain View's software partners involved in the project, FlyBy Media, has built what it's calling the first consumer app capable of utilizing Tango's image recognition skills to... chat with friends. Dubbed FlyBy, the app allows users to share text and videos messages by attaching them to a real-world object; like a menu at your favorite restaurant or collectible from your honeymoon. Recipients are notified once they're in close proximity, then they need only to scan said object and voila, message received. While the concept isn't new -- or popular... yet -- the company believes that this time people will catch on. Just think of it as geocaching your conversations. That could be fun, right?

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