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PopCap vets team up in Fixer Studios, fixing up Spellbinder spiritual successor


Three former PopCap developers formed a new mobile gaming studio "inspired by the game-jam spirit," Fixer Studios. At its core, the studio consists of its three founders: Avery Alix, Eric Olson and Christopher Langmuir. The developer's first game is Sinister Dexter for iOS and Android, a spiritual successor to the 1977 pen-and-paper game Spellbinder. While the studio is being formally announced now, both Alix and Olson's LinkedIn profiles indicate that it was first founded in June 2013.

The "collaborative cloud" studio includes a rotating roster of 30 industry veterans. Fixer Studios opted for a "dynamic staffing system to manage production," according to its website. Team members will join up and drop out based on their "availability, interest and expertise," forcing team leads to delegate tasks and "mission critical activities" as needed to keep development on track.
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