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Sunday Morning Funnies: For all to see

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

It is March, and every March, I can't help being reminded of the "lamb or lion" exercise we always had to complete in early elementary school years. Like, journal entries and drawings and posters on the wall and everything, because this is super important stuff. March 2014, at least where I am, came in like a lion (the perfect excuse to stay in and read comics, I think).

As for this week's comic list, we have a couple of new additions, thanks to zuulzilla (of Surviving Azeroth). Firstly, because one of them is a new project (to be updated in addition to Surviving Azeroth, not instead of), called Shields and Sheep. Secondly, for pointing us to a friend's project, Chat Channeling. I know I only almost always say it, but tips are always welcome!

We're missing a few regulars this week, hopefully due simply to some scheduling mishaps: Fox Rain, Kibble & Bit and Sara & Kleeyo missed this week's deadline. But on the upside, The Trolling of Azeroth is back! This week's NPC isn't WoW-related, but does continue the FLEA / Dance Cat storyline, Spreading Fleas. If you followed through last week, start this week with Vlog Fright. Plus, last month, NPC celebrated its 5th anniversary (I just forgot to tell you all about it). Congratulations Lisa! (And, if you take a look back to the first comic ever posted, Lies, you'll see just how much NPC has evolved.) Contested Territory, as a reminder, is on hiatus until March 10, which means that it won't be back on our list until the March 16 column. But, Herding Cats, Maiu's first comic, is still being posted, and is a fun read.

Finally, I'd like to send a shout-out to Trig and Rug, who have been having a rough time (understatement). Rug, I'm glad you're doing somewhat better, at least!

So, what do you guys think of the new additions? What happened with our missing comics (conspiracy theories welcomed and encouraged)? Are you hooked on Dance Cat? Lion or lamb?

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