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Tim Cook's leadership style goes under the microscope in new book


Whatever you think of Apple's products, there's no denying that Tim Cook has played a large role in making them profitable, first as an operations executive and later in running the company. But just what kind of a leader is he? Thanks to an excerpt from Yukari Iwatani Kane's upcoming book Haunted Empire, we have a clearer picture of what makes Cook tick. He's both very meticulous and a motivator, according to Kane. While he's known for holding six-hour review meetings and chewing people out for minor slip-ups, he also inspires hard work and encourages a charitable, friendly atmosphere at 1 Infinite Loop. He's also characterized as relentless -- the sort who'd go straight to the office after a red-eye flight. The excerpt likely won't change your mind on Cook's strategy, but it's worth a read if you want to know what drives one of the technology industry's most distinctive CEOs.

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