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Yoshi's New Island 3DS XL confirmed for North America


Yoshi is the latest Nintendo mascot to get his own 3DS XL, and of course it's a lime-green-and-white number. The delighted dinosaur and a single egg lead the way on the front, and on the back there's a wee procession of eggs bringing up the rear.

A word of warning: While it's launching alongside Yoshi's New Island on March 14, the $199 bundle doesn't include the game itself. Why you'd get this particular handheld without the game is rather beyond us, but there we are.

Series producer Takashi Tezuka says Yoshi's New Island is a direct sequel to SNES classic Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, and the 2D platformer re-embraces its penchant for swallowing up enemies and chucking eggs around a lot. This time you'll find giant eggs to tear up the screen with, along with sections with rail-cart and helicopter versions of Yoshi - because why wouldn't you make an adorable helicopter version of Yoshi?

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