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Indie sandbox MMO The Chosen is the 'game-child' of EVE Online and Fallout 3


Sci-fi pseudo-MMO The Chosen -- not to be confused with Snail Games' Chinese historical MMO of the same name -- is hoping sandbox fans will back its new Indiegogo campaign.

Studio Fair Games Productions today announced the game's crowdfunding plans, promising an EVE Online-style space exploration game that will "most likely be classified as MMORPG" and features FPS and TPS rather than point-and-click gameplay. "If EVE Online and Fallout 3 were to have a game-child," says the press release, "that would be The Chosen." The developer's website notes planned game systems such as a player-driven economy, a persistent universe, dynamic missions, and both interior and exterior ship design (yes, you can walk around inside your ships). Fair Games hopes to collect at least a million dollars by April 25th, but under Indiegogo's "flexible funding" rule, all funds pledged will go to the studio even if the game fails to completely fund, and the studio includes tiers above and below that mark.

We've included the campaign trailer just after the cut.

[Source: Fair Games Productions press release]

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