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Peggle 2 cascades onto Xbox 360 in May, Xbox One gets local duelling


The Xbox 360 joins the Peggle 2 party on May 7, when PopCap's mix of pachinko, unicorns, and classical music tumbles onto systems in North America and Europe. There's no word on a price, but the game is tagged at $12 on Xbox One.

The news comes on the same day PopCap launched a new Duel Mode for the Xbox One version, allowing two players to fight locally for the right to call themselves a true Peggle Master - duels were previously limited to online matches. EA confirmed Duel Mode is coming to the Xbox 360 port, too.

EA limited today's announcement to the Xbox 360, but PopCap hasn't been shy about its desire to bring the pinballing sequel to "as many platforms as possible." A South Korean rating from last year suggests one of those platforms is the PS4.
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