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Crawl, Super Chibi Knight headline Steam Greenlight's latest 50


The pixelated multiplayer madness of Crawl makes it stand out as the one to watch from Steam Greenlight's newest batch of approvals. The Windows, Mac, and Linux dungeon crawler combines retro-inspired action-RPG gameplay with a frenzied multiplayer in which one player controls the Hero, and up to three others play as monsters and traps. The twist is if the Hero is slain by one of the opponents, that player gets to take the Hero's place.

Australian two-man outfit Powerhoof only put the game on Greenlight this week, but its debut trailer caught enough attention to speed it past the gates in a single day. Powerhoof says an early-access build is coming "as soon as possible," and while the prototype only features local multiplayer, the dev is exploring the possibility of online multiplayer. Crawl is due for full release in the first half of this year, and beyond that, Powerhoof's expressed interest in bringing its game to consoles.

Super Chibi Knight looks to be another to keep an eye on, and there's extra good news for father-and-daughter team behind it because their game just surpassed its Kickstarter goal. The cutesy RPG adventure is due sometime this summer.

The full list of the 50 approved games can be found on Steam Greenlight.
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