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Exploring weaponcrafting in The Elder Scrolls Online


If you've merely puttered around The Elder Scrolls Online on a beta weekend, you might not have realized the game boasts a robust crafting system to allow players to make their very own pointy sticks and other implements of blood and battle. A post on the official ESO site today shows off some of these crafted items and explains how different racial styles are achieved. Says the post,
Smiths in Tamriel add their own personal touches to every weapon, shield, and piece of armor they forge, from choosing a racial style to imparting special bonuses they've learned called traits. Master blacksmiths, clothiers, and woodworkers can take ordinary arms and armor and, with the right materials, transform them into equipment worthy of a true hero.
Click to enlarge the picture embedded after the cut to see 27 of the weapons in their full glory.

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