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RIFT previews its new soul, the Liberator

Eliot Lefebvre

The new souls being added to RIFT in the game's 2.7 patch are meant to allow every class to perform every single role in the game. So how will that even work? What will Warriors with heals really look like? You could wait until tomorrow to find out on the official site... or you could take a look at's preview of the new soul, the Liberator, along with a small sample of its associated lore.

Liberators aren't meant to be passive healers; the soul specializes in wading into the fray while sporting excellent group and area heals. In other words, it's still very much a Warrior occupation, but the focus is less upon hurting things and more upon using the energy of combat to help others recover. While the full explanation of the soul's specific abilities will be up tomorrow, you can still get a taste of the lore and concept by looking at the preview.

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