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The Queue: Vindication

Matthew Rossi
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.
Okay, last time I did this, y'all said you wanted my crazy patented digressions. So here we go.

One of the more prominent yet least known draenei is Vindicator Aalesia, who you meet on Bloodmyst Isle while working to contain the effects of the Exodar's crash landing. She's less concerned with that, however, then she is with the disturbing realization that the Isle's native satyrs are in fact demon worshipers who were given their monstrous forms as a 'blessing' from the Burning Legion itself. She has draenei under her command investigate the satyr, then take steps to neutralize them.

Now that we have made our presence known to the satyr, we must send a message that we will not tolerate the Burning Legion's hounds in these lands. Too long have the draenei fled in the wake of the Legion and its minions. Wherever they have found us, they have shown no mercy. We must not permit the satyr to exploit the Exodar's crash and use the corrupted crystals as weapons. Go north to where their leader resides in Axxarien, destroy him, and recover the corrupted crystals he has been gathering!

She's one of several draenei with a much harder, more practical attitude to dealing with the Legion and other threats - wipe them out.

Twowolves asks:
Isn't there supposed to be a big WoD info push soon?

We've actually already seen the beginning of it - we were told that it was divided up into several parts, but no word on when the next part will be.

Ruyan the Explorer asks:
Q4tQ: Just how "smart" are we talking about with updates to bonus rolls in WoD? For example, I've been killing myself trying to get trinkets off Sha and Dark Shaman for my hunter since my raid group started running normals (we're now up to Thok on Heroic with a kill imminent this week. Excited!). The Assurance trinket dropped 2 times (heroic both times, I was absent for the first), and has been bonused a couple times by others. Haromm's has only been bonused by others in my raid group as well (rogue and bear tank).

What I'm getting at is: I've only gotten Protector tokens off bonus rolls for Sha (about 2/25 rolls) and I've only gotten the stupid cloak off shaman. About 98% of the time I roll gold. Am I just getting bad RNG? I'm aware that I'm not entitled to get loot from rolls, but it's beyond demoralizing to struggle week after week to still have a RF Assurance and Normal WF Siegecrafter trinkets when all is said and done.

I'm going to share a tweet from Brian Holinka, a WoW dev specializing in PvP, just to show you how widespread this issue is.

He works there. And he's not the only Blizzard employee with something to say on the subject.

So what I'm getting at is, the folks at Blizzard play the game and they're very aware of the limitations of the bonus roll system. When Ion Hazzikostas said they were working on beefing up the bonus roll system, trust me, they've hit the button and gotten gold as many times as any of us.

BnDov3r asks:
On the Timeless Isle, you can see a lot of the people you've met during your adventures in Pandaria. Seems like The Tillers are there in great numbers, as well as the Shado-Pan. This kinda makes me wonder, who of our old friends will we see on Draenor.

I'd love to see Joanna Bluehart make a return. She embodies what an Alliance Military leader should be: intelligent, noble, and willing to act, instead of waiting for the enemy to make the first move. When going to a savage new (old) world, I think we could use someone like her.

I'd also like to see Jogu the Drunk following us into our Garrisons. Maybe he could get his drinking under control, make something out of himself. So, here's my QftQ: Who would be your favorites, who would you like to see make an appearance or even become important story characters in WoD?

I definitely second you on Joanna Bluehart, and I'd like to see Vindicator Aalesia as well. I like pragmatic military types. I'd also like to see Sky Admiral Rogers - I think she and Joanna would clash a lot, with Joanna being about achieving sustainable objectives while Rogers is more brutal and would be about inflicting massive damage to the enemy. For Horde side characters, we haven't seen Gorgonna since Wrath - woman took out her own sister for the Horde, why hasn't seen been around? Let's see her on Draenor. Maybe she goes and looks up her parents, who are part of the Iron Horde, and she has to take them out. I admit, I see Gorgonna as constantly having to strike down everything she loves for the sake of honor.

Ron2 asks:
In each of the prior ten-level expansions, leveling players had a two-level window during which they could stay in the old expansion or move on to the new. With the return of ten-level expansions, do you think we will (or should) see that again, either in 6.0 or 7.0?

I don't think we will, no. I could be wrong but I don't expect we'll be taking our level 88 characters through to Draenor - with the item squish in place the content will be easier to balance, but it's still a question of making sure Draenor is approachable for all who start working on the content. As previous expansions have shown, players who are coming back for an expansion often run into the brick wall of expansion content that requires gear they don't have, so letting a level 88 with even worse gear go into it just asks for problems.

That's the Queue for today. Tomorrow, I'll be doing a dinosaur fact.
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