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The Room series unlocks sales of 5.4 million copies


Indie developer Fireproof Games has revealed that the two entries in its gorgeously designed mobile puzzle game, The Room and its sequel, The Room 2, have sold more than 5.4 million copies to date.

"[T]oday Fireproof received word The Room Two has sold 1.2m," tweeted Fireproof Games co-founder Barry Meade. "Combined with The Room we're at 5.4m sales over 14 months."

Following this revelation, Meade ruminated on the unorthodox path Fireproof took to reach this impressive milestone. "[T]his all happened without Fireproof spending any money on marketing or PR or analysts or analytics," Meade wrote. "We had no experience of mobile, we made it up as we went along, our game wasn't a service & we believed in gamer word of mouth."

Finally, Meade left his Twitter followers with something of a moral to this story. "[M]aybe what mobile games needs is less databollocks and more devs who believe in gamers & what gamers want."

If you're now suddenly curious about The Room and its sequel, pay a visit to Fireproof's website. There you'll find everything you need to grab a copy for your mobile device of choice.
[Image: Fireproof Games]

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