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Watch Dogs hacks into PS3, PS4 bundles, at least in Europe


When Ubisoft's technofetishistic action game Watch Dogs debuts on May 27 it will be available in the usual standalone varieties, but those without a console to play it on will also be able to pick up the game as part of a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 bundle.

The European announced the existence of these bundles earlier today. It fails to clarify exactly what will be included in these packages, though the entry does highlight the addition of "60 minutes of exclusive gameplay" to those versions of Watch Dogs appearing on Sony's consoles.

Also missing from the report is any word on how much these bundles will cost and whether they're exclusive to European territories or will be released in other parts of the world. So far there's no mention of Watch Dog bundles on the American, and our attempts to reach Sony for clarification have been fruitless. We'll update this story when and if we find further information.
[Image: Sony]

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