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AT&T's Galaxy S5 gets FCC approval, just like you knew it would (update: T-Mobile and Verizon too)


Samsung already made it clear that the Galaxy S5 would reach AT&T when it launched globally in April. Still, it's nice to know the flagship is on track for an on-time arrival, right? The 5.1-inch phone just surfaced in a fresh set of FCC documents, which show a GS5 variant with AT&T-friendly LTE bands (2, 4, 5 and 17) and support for ANT+ sensors (handy for wireless heart-rate monitors and the like). Predictably, the phone also includes GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS, for when you can't manage a 4G signal. That still leaves lots of questions -- how much will it cost? How good is this thing? -- but we suppose we'll just have to wait until April 11th to find out.

Update: Sure enough, a T-Mobile version of the GS5 has also surfaced at the FCC.

Update #2: And here's the Verizon version too. Enjoy.

Update #3: A few days later, Samsung has also passed another CDMA model through the FCC; this one's most likely destined for relatively small carriers, such as US Cellular.

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