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DoubleTwist's new app lets you save iTunes Radio tracks to your PC


The folks at DoubleTwist are at it again. Over the past three months they've crafted Android and OS X apps to help penny-pinching users save the music they hear on iTunes Radio, and now they've gone and done the unthinkable: they made a version for Windows PCs, too.

Setting up the app is as simple as always. Once it's installed, it essentially fools iTunes into thinking it's just another AirPlay-ready gewgaw tucked away in your home theater setup. Just pop into iTunes, select the DoubleTwist app from the AirPlay menu, and fire up your iTunes Radio station of choice. The only caveat? Since the app records the audio as it plays, you'll have to sit through an entire song before it gets saved in your coffers for good. Sure, we could think of better ways to spend our time too, but if you close your eyes and imagine the good ol' days of reel-to-reel music sharing, the wait won't seem so bad.

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