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Watch Major Nelson explain Twitch broadcasting on Xbox One


The imminent addition of Twitch broadcasting to the Xbox One has prompted preternaturally winsome Xbox spokesman Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb to narrate the above walkthrough of the service.

Those familiar with Twitch broadcasting on the PlayStation 4 will notice that both services share a core simplicity, though the Xbox One incarnation of Twitch offers one major advantage over its Sony counterpart: broadcast archival. Whereas footage broadcast from the PlayStation 4 vanishes into the ether immediately after it airs, Xbox One users will find that Twitch stores their past broadcasts. To drive the point home, Hryb invites players to visit his own account, where they'll find footage from a number of recent gaming sessions broadcast via Twitch.

While no single date has been pinned down for the debut of Twitch on Xbox One, Microsoft plans to launch the service at some point next week, just in time for the debut of Titanfall.
[Image: Microsoft]

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