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Feedback Loop: Old gadgets, Android tablets, photo management and more!


Welcome to Feedback Loop, a weekly roundup of the most interesting discussions happening within the Engadget community. There's so much technology to talk about and so little time to enjoy it, but you have a lot of great ideas and opinions that need to be shared! Join us every Saturday as we highlight some of the most interesting discussions that happened during the past week.

This week, Engadget turned 10 years old! So, we discussed what we were using way back in 2004. Also, we talked about ditching iPhoto, Android tablets and good game controllers for the iPad. Head on past the break and join the conversation.

What gadgets were you using 10 years ago?

It's crazy to think that Engadget turned 10 years old this week! Frank, one of our product database editors, took to the forums to find out what gadgets you were using 10 years ago. Brace yourselves, there's a whole lot of flip phones, antiquated game consoles, and devices that use something called physical media. Gross! If you can handle it, take a gander at the thread and share which pieces of technology you used a decade ago.

Ditching iPhoto for OneDrive

Managing our extensive digital photo libraries is a topic that we've frequently discussed in the forums. This week, TgD shares his own experience with ditching iPhoto and he's never felt better. His solution for managing those invaluable digital memories may surprise you. Head over to the forums and tell us how you manage your photo library.

Comparing Android tablets

There's no denying that the popularity of Android tablets is on the rise and it seems like we see interesting new tablets released every week. Will5204 is in the market for the latest and greatest Android tablet. Between the Sony Xperia Z2, Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, which would you choose? Let him know! Besides, it's fun to spend other people's money.

Game controllers for an iPad

Gaming on the go is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives. But sometimes, our grubby fingers get in the way of what we're trying to do. Dogetag is looking for some advice on iOS gaming controllers that would be perfect for an iPad. Got some ideas that will help him out?

That's all this week! Do you want to talk about your favorite gadget or have a burning question about technology? Register for an Engadget account today, visit the Engadget forums and start a new discussion!

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