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Hush fights fear with puppets, inspired by American McGee's Alice

Childhood fears might seem silly now that we're all grown up, but it's amazing how strongly we could convince ourselves of basement monsters and lurking ghosts when we were alone in our darkened houses. Taking those fears on isn't always easy for a kid, but Ashlyn seems ready to bash her way through them all using toys and puppets in Hush, Game Studio 78's episodic action adventure game set in an abandoned orphanage.

Each of Hush's episodes will consist of three chapters built around specific fears. The first episode's "Fear of Thunder" chapter, for instance, will contain monsters that paralyze Ashlyn with loud noises, comparable to how claps of thunder leave some children immobile from fear. Fear of darkness, spiders and clowns are also among Hush's subject matter, just in case you've forgotten why you can't sleep.

Game Studio 78 cites Alice: Madness Returns as an inspiration for Hush's surreal environment and twisted enemies, while also drawing comparisons to The Legend of Zelda series in reference to its puzzles. Since Ashlyn is facing fears, players will need to keep her braveness gauge filled as they explore - failing to do so means having to flee from battles, unless Ashlyn outright faints.

Hush is currently on Indiegogo and is planned to reach PC and Mac first, with Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U versions following. Android and iOS mobile ports will follow if their €100,000 stretch goal is met, but €50,000 is needed for development of the first three episodes on home platforms.
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