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WikiLeaks head doesn't believe Obama is serious about NSA reform


Julian Assange doesn't think you should hold your breath for Barack Obama to deliver meaningful NSA reform. The WikiLeaks founder said during a talk at SXSW Interactive that he believes the president is beholden to the American spy agencies and not the public. According to the self-anointed guardian of the world's conscience Obama has proven that he does not take concerns about the NSA's over reaching seriously by failing to fire or prosecute people at the agency. But Assange also said that Obama couldn't push through serious change, even if he wanted to. If the president tried to dismantle the NSA or CIA, Assange is convinced that he would be impeached and the agencies would destroy him because they "have dirt on him." In fact, he said the NSA "has dirt on all of us," suggesting that the Government has spent the last several years harvesting information with which to black mail the American public.

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