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Breakfast Topic: Achievements -- Threat or Menace?

Matthew Rossi

I don't even understand why, but I really really hate achievements. Or more accurately, I hate doing them in raids. I was so happy when they announced that you could do all Siege of Orgrimmar achievements in flex, I can't even tell you, because I still have nightmares about trying to get Neck Deep In Vile while doing 25 man Lich King Heroic. It simply made a difficult task almost impossible.

This is not to say that I ever like doing them. I don't. Most of the ones I have were accidents or from helping someone else get them. All the raid ones including the ones that give mounts, I got because I was there, not because I particularly wanted them - I even skipped the flex runs necessary to get the Spawn of Galakras. I'll admit to doing Gamon Will Save Us! because, well, I like the guy. He was totally cheated out of his rightful position as warchief and he deserved better.

But yeah, there it is, I hate achievements. I hate the crazy stupid hard ones like School of Hard Knocks, I hate the easy ones. Who's with me? Who also loathes our nerd points?

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