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Sunday Morning Funnies: Can't reach them

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

On last week's list, we were mysteriously missing a few of our regular comics. Well, this week, you will be pleased to hear, two of the missing comics are back! Kibble and Bit even updated with a fun illustrated explanation that I won't spoil for you. Sara & Kleeyo is also back, although that was never terribly mysterious, as it updates a bit sporadically (by design).

Fox Rain is still missing, however, and The Trolling of Azeroth is out again this week. However, Trolling will return to regular updates again soon, we have been recently assured.

As a reminder, Contested Territory is still on hiatus. However, it begins updating tomorrow! Of course, the next chapter won't appear on our list until next week, because I (unfortunately) cannot link from the future. I can't wait though! I'll be here, posting as usual, gobbling up the new content. In the meantime, this week, there are some sketches up to check out, including a really cute holiday-themed one.

And, if you missed us last week, you might want to peruse the list for a couple of new comics! Shields and Sheep is done by the same artist as Surviving Azeroth, while Chat Channeling is by a new artist.

Finally, there was reportedly a glitch with the Teh Gladiators site last week. It seems to be working now, but leave a comment (or remove the www from the address) if it is bugging out for you.

And now, for this week's list of WoW-related comics from around the web:

From around the web

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