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HTC's next One leaks again in all-angle photo shoot


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HTC's upcoming successor to the One, codenamed M8, has been a leaky ship while sailing to its March 25th launch. But the latest set of photos from a Chinese Weibo site leave nothing to the imagination, showing a possible China Mobile retail model from nearly all sides. Of interest are the speaker grills, which seem to be coated with a clear layer of material, possibly for protection. The leaker also said that the M8 used a lot of new CNC process tech, resulting in a very tight build on the handset. Otherwise, the gallery confirms details we've already seen, plus several pics with an HTC One Max that show the relative size. To cap it off, @evleaks has shown a possible snappy-looking LED smart cover for the M8. That mimics others we've seen (like on the Alcatel OneTouch Hero), by showing the weather, date and other real-time info. Head after the break to see that image, or for an all-around view of the (alleged) M8, check the gallery below.

Gallery: HTC One M8 multi-photo leak | 10 Photos

[Image credit: TD Beta]

[Image credit: @evleaks]

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