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Frozen Endzone blitzes onto Steam Early Access


Frozen Endzone takes the turn-based strategy Mode 7 delivered in Frozen Synapse, but makes it all sportsball by swapping out the guns for pigskins - snazzy, futuristic-looking pigskins, but pigskins all the same. If that's a combination that has you ready to pad up and get tactical, the good news is the Windows PC game is now available on Steam Early Access. It's priced $25 stateside and £19/23 euros in the land of the other football, and that includes a bonus key to pass to a friend.

In essence, Frozen Endzone is about plotting runs and working out where you want your players to be, one turn at a time, as you try to keep control of the ball and score some neon-tinted touchdowns. Of course it gets much more complicated than that, but on that basic level it was challenging to stop the Mode 7 devs from piercing through my robot team of players a few months ago, which they did time and time again.

As it stands, the "early beta" version offers both single-player and multiplayer modes including a ranking system for the latter, while Mode 7 says the next thing on its agenda is to get the single-player campaign mode added. The game proper is due in "late 2014."
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