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Star Trek Online finally enters the Mac universe


It's been roughly four years since Star Trek Online began exploring the universe in search of new worlds and strange life forms, and it looks like the MMORPG finally stumbled upon the Windows-less Apple galaxy. Publisher Perfect World has at long last launched the game for the Mac-owning populous.

The game -- which allows players to pick one of several races, classes, and venture through a number of storylines -- is free-to-play, having switched over from a subscription model. That of course means that there are microtransactions in the game, allowing players to cash in their real-world currency for in-game cash. Developer Cryptic Studios has been quite good about updating the game with additional content, with a total of 8 full "seasons" worth of quests now available.

If you're interested in strapping on a tight-fitting futuristic onesie, you can download Star Trek Online and sign up for your account right now.

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