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Titanfall PC's 48GB install the result of uncompressed audio


PC players will have to spend quite a bit longer waiting for their Titanfall download to drop than those on Xbox One. The PC download of Titanfall clocks in at a substantial 48 gigabytes, considerably larger than the 17GB download on Xbox One. The reason for the size discrepancy, developer Respawn tells Eurogamer, comes down to uncompressed audio.

Respawn opted to use uncompressed audio in the PC version to account for less powerful hardware configurations, specifically dual core machines, which meet the minimum specs required by Titanfall. The concern, according to Respawn lead engineer Richard Baker, was that "a two-core machine would dedicate a huge chunk of one core to just decompressing audio," so the studio decided to use completely uncompressed audio – 35 gigs of it – in order to optimize performance.

If you haven't started your download yet, you might want to get on that.
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