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Digital Storm's Vanquish II makes the 'Ultimate' gaming PC affordable

Emily Price

Digital Storm took the wraps off of its new Vanquish II PC today, a desktop gaming rig with a hurricane of features designed to give you a custom-built feel without actually having to assemble your own computer. Prices start at $699 for the"Good" version, which comes with a Core i3 4330 processor, 8GB of RAM and GTX 750 graphics card with 1GB of memory. The $1,189 "Ultimate" build keeps the same RAM, and comes packing a Core i5 4570 processor and GTX 770 graphics card with 2GB of memory. All rigs are completely upgradable as well, so you'll be able to game on the cutting edge for years to come. Unlike many other systems out there, Digital Storm says the Vanquish II ships within 72 hours of you placing the order. During those precious hours you're away from your new PC the company says it's going through rigorous stress testing and benchmarking -- so when it gets to you it's ready to 'vanquish' your enemies no matter what game you're playing.

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