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Watch Dogs PC specs announced, R18+ reclassification in Australia


Two doggie-snack sized bits of Watch Dogs news to report, starting with Ubisoft Montreal releasing the minimum specifications required to run the hacker game on PC. To become a Watch Dog you need a 28.8 BPS modem, an active-matrix display with a million psychedelic colors... oh wait, wrong specs.

What you'll really need at minimum is an IntelCore 2 Quad Q8400 2.66Hz processor, or an AMDPhenom II X4 940 3.0 GHz. That's with 6GB of RAM, a 1024 VRAM Direct X11-capable graphics card, a Direct X9 sound card, and 25GB of disk space. There's no info yet on recommended specs, but we're sure Ubisoft will make that available closer to the game's release date of May 27.

The second piece of news comes from Australia, where the often-prominent classification board has upgraded - if that's the right word - the game's rating from MA15 to R18+. Watch Dogs received the MA15 rating ahead of its originally planned release late last year, but it was re-submitted to the ACB following the delay and whatever's been added was enough to nudge it into the R18+ category. Comparing the two ratings, the ACB deemed there to be more impact from violence, drug use, and sex in the new version. It's probably still not as wild as Zero Cool, though.
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