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WildStar announces June 3rd launch date, preorder bonuses


It's official: WildStar is launching worldwide on June 3rd, and as of right this very moment, the NDA has lifted.

Preorders for Carbine's sub-based sci-fantasy MMORPG will be available next Wednesday, March 19th. The $59.99 preorder provides beta events, early access on May 31st, housing deco that grants a rest XP bonus, character and guild name reservations, a 10-slot storage bag, and the exclusive rocket house shown above, in addition to the Standard Edition's 30 days of play time, buddy passes, and more deco. Another $15 gets you a Digital Deluxe version with a hoverboard, costume, title, and dye set.

Stay tuned today for Massively's coverage from the recent press event, and enjoy the newly released images and launch announcement trailer.

[Source: Carbine press release]

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