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Class of Heroes 2G gets PS3/Vita dual-screen play in the US

For those that missed Class of Heroes 2 last year -- which is understandable, since it was a PSP game released in 2013 -- it was a particularly thorny dungeon crawler in the Etrian Odyssey mold made by Acquire. Class of Heroes 2G is a PlayStation 3 remake of that game, adding new art, dungeons, and characters on top of the original weird story of demons and adventurers attending a magic school.

2G was originally released in Japan back in 2010 so it's strange enough that GaijinWorks is bringing it to the US now, and stranger still that it comes with brand new features. This trailer demonstrates how players can use their PSP or PS Vita as a second screen for character maintenance and dungeon maps via he portables' Remote Play feature. For an exploration-centric RPG, better access to maps is always welcome.

GaijinWorks and publisher MonkeyPaw will release Class of Heroes 2G will be available on PSN "soon." It also may get an extremely limited print run depending on the results of an upcoming poll on GaijinWorks' website.
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