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Former Klei, Telltale devs reveal first-person mystery Firewatch


Indie developer Campo Santo announced its first game, a first-person mystery named Firewatch. The game is set in the Wyoming wilderness, "where your only human connection is communicating with your supervisor over a handheld radio," according to the game's announcement blog.

The game's protagonist, whose job is to "look for smoke and keep the wilderness safe," winds up exploring a "wild and unknown environment" after something pulls them away from their watchtower. Firewatch's official site says the game will press players with "interpersonal choices" that will affect players' relationships with Delilah, the supervisor in question.

Campo Santo was formed in September 2013 by former Telltale and Klei developers, including Mark of the Ninja lead designer Nels Anderson and artist Olly Moss. The Cave co-writer Chris Remo joined the team in February after departing from Double Fine.
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