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The Daily Grind: How would an Assassin's Creed MMO work?

Jef Reahard

I've finally gotten around to playing some Black Flag in recent days, and while I'm not sure how I feel about the annualization of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series, I'm having a rowdy good time in number IV. As with most of the single-player games I sample in between MMOs, I end up thinking about how they'd work as MMOs, and it seems to me that AC's lore, sci-fi stylings, and various historical settings would translate easily.

I'm not sure about all of the mechanics, though. And that's where today's Daily Grind comes in! Do you think an Assassin's Creed MMO would work? Why or why not?

Every morning, the Massively bloggers probe the minds of their readers with deep, thought-provoking questions about that most serious of topics: massively online gaming. We crave your opinions, so grab your caffeinated beverage of choice and chime in on today's Daily Grind!

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